we make workplace wellbeing easy

Fullmer provides a single global hub with a network of partners who are leaders in employee health and wellbeing. We simplify the process of planning, procuring and implementing Workplace Wellbeing into your organisation utilising HealthTech, Wellbeing SaaS and health-related content. Our aim is to provide your business with the right wellbeing solution for your needs, saving you time and money.

The Challenge

In recent years, organisations openly acknowledge the importance of workforce wellbeing and allocate substantial resources to address it. Companies with over 20,000 employees invest an average of £8 million per year for this purpose. However, it is essential to assess the effectiveness, as symbolic support may not produce the desired results.


of executives say wellbeing was a top priority in 2021.


of employees, in 2023, perceive a decline in their work-life experience.


of executives and 57% of employees actively seek new jobs for improved wellbeing support.


of the available wellbeing resources are unspecified and remain unused.

Who we are

We are pioneers with our single global hub that provides an ecosystem of partners who lead the way in employee health and wellbeing. We provide accessible workplace wellbeing solutions to help you improve overall employee and corporate wellness, and support employee engagement.  Our approach challenges the current disjointed, fragmented approach to workplace health and wellness by delivering a clear, meaningful wellbeing journey that can be measured.

Our Services

The Broker

Making the process of acquiring and deploying HealthTech, Wellbeing SaaS, and health-related content as straightforward as possible.

The Consultant

Dedicated to developing and implementing health and wellbeing strategies tailored to meet our clients’ needs.

The Expert

Assisting emerging Wellbeing SaaS providers in refining their product and service offerings.

We have global capabilities


Languages spoken throughout our partnership hub.


Global partner network of integrated digital and on-the-ground solutions and features.


Countries supported through our network.


Collective employees utilising our partnerships.